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tv   [untitled]    May 22, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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packet the vulnerable tool. this is a tested tool that's promoted by one hundred expert and san francisco will conduct a register week it will be scheduled at the end of june and it will be social workers and other experts on homeless veterans and volunteers taking to the streets where the veteran congregate and scoring them on the tool and coming up with a range of list >> when when is this going to start. >> late july or early august this is speed originated process. >> great. >> that work will gone and our vulnerable vets where they are and the most vulnerable will be prioritized for all our
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properties this talks about the opportunity to house the veterans on kearny that will be one hundred and 6 new are supportive beds for homeless vets those will be filed with our most vulnerable veterans who live on the streets and in shelters so that's fantastic. the continuum of adults will not be focused on one property there this will be in the portfolios there will be 8 in a month and when a new property opens obviously a lot more units will be available. we have the team to provide the shelter for years they've be leading the way to reiterate
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this is based on the data information to start. they will be prioritizing those people in placing them into the unit targeting the target population population and reaching out to them for the vacancies. that's a lot to process. any questions >> that's great it's the similar timeframe. >> that's more planned that will literally kickoff for july 1st. >> awesome and next jason from the department of housing for adults. >> good morning. i'm going to briefly talk about the services that department of aging adult services provides a department that focuses with the tasks of serving seniors with
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all ages. the central door and the one stop shop for seniors we provide information assistance for adults with disability that need access to long term facilities. and this is for all san franciscans who are housed who are at risk the losing homes that we refer to our case managed housing addiction preventions and it's been food for congregate meal sites and legal and medical and mental health services that's only a list of some services we give information on.
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besides giving information about services in the community we are also a central door for a lot of the services at the dos and we're tasked with trying to keep people in the community and providing long term services and supports to those big programs are in home support services and home delivered meals we do the applications as well as adult protected services investigating abuse or self-negligent we provide referrals for what's called the community living fund locally funded initiative that helped to provide instituti institutiontion primarily with the hospital. we provide transitional care for people coming out of hospitals
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that needs the case management from preventing them from returning to the hospital. some of the services in dos that services the homeless population in home support services is an agency it's a statewide program and we provide services in the community also in shelters or people living in advancing solis so long as we know we'll provide in home care that includes the personal care or changing someone's decategory. adult protective services division includes the adults services does serve the homeless population we get referrals for people that are homeless and investigate could be abuse by
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others or self-negligent issues people are not get the mental health care they coordinate with the local homeless team and others case management that provides mental health services. the other part of the legislation service is the guarded conservative areas they serve people that are homeless with the public conservatives office if someone is a 5150 their motto with the legislation service agencies is to keep people in the least restriefk environment so people that are
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homeless could cannabis in a locked facility or a board care or living in a single occupancy hotel room but they get involved to try and transition people out of the conservativeship process and with the guardianship program it is there to provide involuntary services for the least restrife so they're in charge of medical decisions for people who lack the capacity to make the decisions so a lot of those folks are in nursing facilities are some in the community being managed by that program. there's also the county veteran office that's there to serve veterans of any honorable or
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dishonorable status to help to get access to the benefits the financial and medical benefits. the aging program at dos manages all the contracts we've funded through dos there's a lot of funds i highlighted 3 of the agencies we refer to most often are specialized with the homeless population that's itself e pill population they provide a wide array of services including access to a shelters and food and case management and digits prevention and they provide the case management at the meal sietsz and medical services and for mental health services we contract out and many more as that provide but
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that's one agency that specialize in case management. so i'm not sure who i i'm going to turn it over to now >> so joyce are we through that. >> yes. thank you very much i know i don't know if i very specific slides to talk through. if we can speed through because we have people in the va is here to speak >> so we're going to speak through the slides a little bit but you have them available. we have a lot more data available and a lot more programs in dph and veterans we don't collect the data about veterans we would like to that's
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a plan for the future and working to make it happen. i just wanted to remind people that 14 percent of the population of san francisco is over 65 we talk about seniors over and over and over 55 i'm giving you the population where you can see our population is over 58 percent and from health care program for the seniors with hiv we have the homeless seniors is at 45 percent. in terms of diagnose and conditions i've put a slide together now the slides are about seniors we don't have separate data for veterans. you can see the serious medical conditions are high for our
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seniors higher than the rest of the population embarrassed with the other population that that used the medical abuse programs and the problems are diabetes and high blood pressure. the majority of homeless in san francisco will be over 55 there's the population it increases by one year per year so that's a statistic population so that's where the increase comes in and 48 percent percent of the population include a number of seniors their low income with 40 percent between 10 percent and there 10 thousand and 20 thousands of annual
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income. the average call for seniors i want to point out out in the dph is $20,000 more 90 thousand vs. 71 this course and the homelessness for the seniors is higher than the general population over 10 years homeless for seniors is 45 percent and i also want to point out something we'll hear about from the public testimony which is the aging age population with hiv is experiencing a decrease in income so with different ages 55 and 62 will be going into ssi. those are some of the services
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and i'm comparing the sides with the dow sides with the homeless seniors we set aside 24.5 percent of our unit hover 58 percent of our unit are used by people over 55 those slides we have quite a few of the senior slides by 2015 >> just one quick question. i think it's staggering to think that the majority of the homeless population is going to be over 55 in terms of we talk about the facing genericly population we want to address
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this issue the more senior people get health becomes more of an issue do you building that will continue to grow >> it's the time we see like i said, the senior population actually gets a year older every year by now it used to be less than that so f that definitely has increased so if we now have 58 percent over 55 that number will only increase. i flipped over the services but we have a lot of good providers from family service agencies have special programs for seniors. and we will continue to develop those because we definitely see the need. we have mental health for the seniors and other programs for seniors and we need to serve
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that population and serve it separately >> thank you, thank you very much. and so late we have i really want to thank our department of veteran affairs i want to invite bobby and thank you for being here and thank you for meeting with me beforehand and your work the floor is yours >> did you found out find out that question about your father what year. >> he did i'm blanking on the year he had a big smile on his phase my father as a veteran was laid up in traction around vietnam i'll get that to you. >> i wanted to see who was his social worker. i'm bobby the transition
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coordinator my territory i coordinator for northern nevada and to bakersfield and the fun part hawaii and guatemala so we have a small territory so when i start out by saying thank you to all the folks here it's a great team effort i say that because i go to a lot of community cares around the country we're lucky we we have a partnership. i don't know if you know that but the va has been in the homeless business since 1987 and san francisco was one of the first sites there was about thirty everything we do in the va is a pilot project so in 1987
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we hired folks to see about the vets and in our year we had our first contract of social serves michael and i have been doing this awhile. when we first started to keep track of vets it was 2 hundred and 50 thousand. the number now is down to 57 thousand 8 hundred and 49 in 2013 still way over it should be zero. at the stated in november of 2009 secretary that announced a competitive plan no veteran should remain on the streets. he stated that we needed to work
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on medical, mental health, substance abuse, jobs and depression and safe housing. together with our partners in san francisco we're trying to address the department of veteran affairs in that we have boots on the ground as you've heard for every program we also hire and go ahead funded for social workers. we in san francisco are proud to have a competitive homes center we offer mental health and medical and provider and we offer showers and washers and driers and a place for veterans to pick up their mail and
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hospital transportation a computer lab and legal services we have substance abuse groups and as well as benefits because we talked about this to make sure that conveniences get all the benefits they're entitled to. on your sheet i put the number of developers that we see every year and every year it's going up because of the effort being made to publicize the work that the va is doing or the publicize the program you'd be surprised how many veterans on the street people on the streets don't think their veterans so we ask them have you ever served in the military and make sure that veterans quality for services if at the don't and feel they could
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quality we'll offer them legal services and refer them to employ shares. of interest this year is 7 percent of the homeless we've seen on third and harrison were females and females are the faster it growing homeless if this country. 8 percent were o i f vets and vets between the angle of 55 and 65 were 43 percent and this year 20 percent so far have been over the age of 64. so i'm going to quickly i was told i have 5 minutes go over the services we have here in san francisco. you need to understand that when we offer some of our programs you have to apply it's a nova so
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a competition we work closely with our nonprofits and with the city and county of san francisco to insure we can apply and hopefully awarded those services. our first program is our h contract we talked about that and joyce talked about how we have thirty beds with the city of san francisco so we in san francisco get money into a pot in which we develop local contracts for emergency housing. i call those assessment and stabilization beds beds we can put a veteran into and figure out where they go from here. we have 6 contract and 74 beds and spend $140,000 veterans can stay in those beds to 65 days
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we're finding a lot of elderly veterans can we found a way or have the vet stay longer than they need longer to figure out how to get into them into permanent housing and are you going to utilize those contract beds in san francisco. those are transitional programs 5 programs and one hundred and 83 beds. we have contracted with the salvation army and sorts to plowshares and the unit services of homeless people can stay in those beds up to 24 months. our exciting program is secretary was very smart in order to not have homeless you
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have to prevent it we give money to nonprofit so something to prevent people from being homeless and in san francisco we awarded 1.3 million last year and this year we have a priority one category in which we tied for $3.02 agencies that have applied for that. that's the highlights i'm not going to take up much more time you is have a sheet of the services. there's a call center so we're going to leave cards for you to put in our office it's a 1877 number it is manned everyday and
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if a vet needs help they'll call the number to the local va and one thing i think is mentioned talking about the vouchers and others coming down the pipeline i think it's exciting for san francisco >> yes. >> until there's no one on the streets that is homeless this is a positive step in the future. >> it was on the audits so i missed it but basically, we've been doing permanent housing one to 25 and 35 ratio so for every voucher we have a social worker for so many vouchers. it's hard to stay in housing here and our social workers will help to keep the vets in housing and graduate out from needing
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hud bash and giving that voucher back all the vouchers in san francisco we have 5 hundred and 70 vouchers all of those remain here in san francisco with that a vet graduates out the voucher stays here we're waiting for our 2014 long time ago and it should be coming out soon we're competing for sure one more awe long time ago of vouchers we used some vouchers to be project based that's a great system it is great because the va is looking at heirs the most needy the chronically needed vet and we want to put those folks in where they need to be so
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veterans can have the services on site we have two social workers there permanently talking about the mission project we worked outside the box to get the 32 vouchers in the hotel it's ongoing and we should tell the system and again, i want to put my plug in for the two 50 kearny project we've applied for 75 additional vouchers on top of what we have and get next year and the year after. >> thanks bobby and for your hard work it it concludes our speakers so. anyone any public comment on
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that item? please step forward everyone will have 2 minutes >> my name is ann dra drew yep the chinese for american citizens and the answer there is no answer frankly speaking no solution final solution forbid the homeless issue for the people with disabilities e.r. the veteran or the seniors the best testimony search warrant is for the mayor and the supervisors just to resolve the problem building a massive building that can accommodate all those folks just try our best.
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thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker. . i have cards dr. espanola jackson and (calling names) >> thank you. my name is michael i'm the director of plowshares and want to appreciate take the opportunity to speak i want to resist the temptation to brag about a what we're doing we're doing a lot but being part of the community we don't do it alone but i'll you say our impact we've been around since 1974 but we're a veteran's rights organization and most recently operating 2 hundred units for veterans organization. we have about one hundred beds around transitional housing on treasure island and near city
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college we engaged with the va we've rapidly housed 3 hundred vets and have a legal department of lawyers 5 lawyers that help with coming for the va powerful is the number one reason for homelessness commonality so the issues how to address it income assistance through the pen revision california does a poor job in terms of the veterans in the state of california that receive coming and pen if the federal government. can i have a minute beyond my time >> did he ingress. >> okay. i barrel got into
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this we do jobs so it's been good for san francisco primarily we the evidence will then show all the private and government resources. >> what's going on because we're on it we're aware of the other issues around vets we've brought a lot of resources to bear for veterans the city has been good we've gotten opportunity like the presidio and treasure island and otis street but not possible woody allen without the hud and the city, etc. without the coalition of homelessness etc. it's all in the community you've got to work together that's all you'll be able to make a difference. thank you. thanks for your organizations incredible work in our city.